Medimo - Pharmacovigilance and quality services with expertise.

“Our best expertise are pharmacovigilance and quality tasks for human and veterinary drugs and medical devices. We know how to roll up our sleeves and go to business. A small and agile company can take on tasks even on a fast schedule. We may provide a solution to the question that has been puzzling your mind, because we have been working in the field for a long time.”

Anu Gummerus, Founder of Medimo Oy.

Pharmacovigilance and quality services with expertise

Medimo Oy

Medimo Oy is a consulting and solution provider for risk management and compliance services in the pharmaceutical industry. We locate in Tampere, Finland, but operate in the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland) and throughout Europe.

Years of experience in the entire life cycle of the marketing authorisation process of medicinal products and especially knowledge of the local requirements in the Nordic countries guarantee the handling of pharmacovigilance and quality services with expertise.

Medimo Oy was born from the idea of working agilely and efficiently. A small company, with its comprehensive cooperation network, offers everything that is needed to bring new medicines to the market and to manage the lifecycle of the medicines. We have the know-how, and the work can be done within the agreed time. In the words of the founder Anu Gummerus: “This industry is a passion. The work is interesting, and I am taken with it. The best in the working life.”

The name Medimo has its roots in the strong Tampere corporate name culture. After all, in Tampere we have had Neulomo and Kutomo (weaving and knitting industry) so why not Medimo too!

The benefits of an ongoing partnership

Medimo offers everything needed both to get new drugs onto the market and to manage the life cycle of old drugs. It does not matter where you work – contact us!