We are really honoured and proud to be invited as a member of EuDRAcon: the pan-European network of regulatory affairs consultancy companies in the pharma field. EuDRAcon is regulatory affairs consultancy companies dealing with medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements. We act as a local consultancy partner in Finland and we can respond to the question received from other countries who need information fo Finnish local regulations concerning regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and quality. Through this network we always have easy and quick access to qualified regulatory input from all countries in Europe. Covering 28 Member States, EuDRAcon is a network of highly professional and experienced regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and quality specialists, with experience in all aspects of drug development, from scratch until to end of the product’s lifecycle. Through EuDRAcon we can advise you on those tricky national issues as well as all aspects of drug quality, safety and efficacy development.

The previous practical experience from EuDRAcon network has proven that actually this kind of network can work efficiently and gather regulative pharmaceutical information quite quickly throughout EU. The fact is that while we are living with common EU regulations, we still have local regulations depending country by country. Therefore it is good to check the facts from the concerned country rather than trying to find information from national authorities websites. All in all, one small and agile Medimo can offer the whole EU pharma information to you!